​​Lisa is also pasionate about her equine world, since the age of one sitting on her first horse. Lisa has ridden in several disciplines, competed in equation, hunters, and jumpers at National Horse Shows. Not only has she been riding her whole she is also an equine photographer. She has taken her personal training career and equine back ground to help riders gain strength, flexibility and even rehab riders from injuries. 

Lisa won several Women’s Tri-Fitness obstacle course, fitness skills, fitness routines, and figure/fitness competition titles. Lisa has been studying and training athletes for over 30 years, spent 17 years competing, and for the past 10 years plus just focusing on a balanced life and her clients. 

While her work experience is in personal training it is not limited to just that, she also run a successful children's fitness program, Fit Kidz of MA program, taught aerobics for 30 years, trains bodybuilders (all catagories), trains semi-pro and professional athletes, sports conditioning to individuals and teams, coaches several team sports, and use to own and run her own one of a kind outdoor obstacle course. 

Lisa for several years was an author for the monthly fitness column magazine, Western Mass Sport Journal. Featured, covered, wrote articles, or images of Lisa competing can be seen in many fitness magazines such was Natural Bodybuilding, Oxygen Fitness Magazine, Muscle Mag, and more. 

About Lisa Thomas-DuFresne

NSCA National Strength and Conditioning Association member CPT
AFAA Certified – Aerobics and Personal Trainer / Fitness Counselor
YMCA Certified – Principles of Health and Fitness, Exercise Instructor, Resistance Training, Step, Flexibility Training, Youth Fitness Instructor
PILATIE & YOGA Certified
BLACK BELT BODY WORKS MARTIAL ARTS Certified - Kick Boxing Instructor and Heavy Bag Drills
Training, Sports Nutrition, Pilates, and Youth Fitness Trainer
TNT Certified - Obstacle Course Trainer / Sports Trainer
BODY PUMP Certified
Insured by Sports and Fitness Insurance Corporation


     2014 Inducted into the TRI-FITNESS Hall of FAME

(Competed 1992 - 2013 averaging 6-10 shows a year, to many awards to list, all natural athlete) 

Top 10 & 20 - Tri-Fitness 2010 

3rd – World’s Women’s Tri-Fitness 2009 Fitness Skills
World’s Women’s Tri-Fitness 2009 out of 180+competitors
1st – NPC RI Fitness November 2007
1st – NPC NH Fitness October 2007
5th – World’s Women’s Tri-Fitness Overall Champion
1st –
World’s WTF July 2007 age group
4th –
World’s WTF July 2006 overall out of 200+ competitors
1st - WTF Fall Classic Champion – 1st overall and age group Tampa - Nov. 2005
1st - World's WTF age group July 2005 – 6th over all - World's WTF Vegas - July 2005
2nd -
WTF Fall Classic - 1st in age group Tampa - Nov. 2004
1st - Ms. U.S.B.F. Fitness - Oct. 2004
7th - Tall Bikini "New England Fitness Weekend"- Boston - October 11th
2nd -
Lori Ann Lloyd TNT the Terminator Race - August 2003
Awarded Pro Status at TNT Race - August 2003
1st -WTF Orlando's Winner - June 2003
6th -WTF Worlds Las Vegas - over all July 2003
3rd - TF Eastern Challenge DC - over all September 2002
7th -
Fitness Atlantic in Fitness – April 2002
Team Member of ATX Extreme and Coach for the ATX-Team Absolute
2nd Lori Ann Lloyd Obstacle Course Race –November 2001

Competitor: Fitness, Figure,
Grace & Physic, FitBody, Bodybuilding, Obstacle Course/Fitness Skills Competitions 1992-2012 (averaging 6 shows a year, to many awards to list) 

New England Health and Racquet - Desk Manager, Aerobics Instructor, and Trainer - 1992 - 1997
Off Season Conditioning Trainer for the Baseball Team at CCRI – 1993-1994
Gymnastics Instructor for children ages 5-14 – 1997-1999
Assistant Martial Arts Instructor – 1999-2003
YMCA Group Instructor, Staff - 1992 – 2004
Kinder-Grade 3 boys and girls Basketball Assistant & Head Coach – 2001-2005
Off Season Conditioning Coach for Western Mass Wolverines Semi –Pro Football Team – 2003-2004
World Gym Group Instructor - 2003 – 2005
Group Instructor at Workout Plus – 2003 – 2006
Personal Trainer at Workout Plus – 2003 – 2006
Obstacle Course Owner / Trainer – 2003 – present
Co-Owner of Fit Kidz of Massachusetts - 2003 - 2007
Conditioning Trainer off Season and traveling programs to WWE Pro wrestlers – 2005-2007
Writer of a monthly fitness column the Western Mass Sports Journal Magazine – 2005 - 2009
Personal Trainer at Gold’s Gym – 2007 – 2012
Aerobics Instructor at Gold’s Gym – 2007 – 2014
Competitor – 1992-2012
Competition Prep Coach: bodybuilders, figure, fitness, bikini, physic – 1993-present
Personal Trainer- 1992-present

Lisa Thomas, CPT, Lisa has competed successfully in figure, fitness, physic, and obstacle course competitions, with many pro-cards; she is a successful coach, designing customized programs for all fitness levels. Lisa has a strong passion for the bodybuilding world coaching competitors’, bodybuilders, fitness, figure, bikini, physique and obstacle competitors. Lisa, was awarded into the Tri-Fitness Hall of Fame in 2014. 

COMPETITOR PROGRAMS BODYBUILDING, FIGURE, BIKINI, FITBODY, MALE MODEL, PRO-OBSTACLE Coaching - Nutritional, Workouts, & Posing / Stage Presents The posing class is open to all competitor levels. Class is designed to give your the polished, finishing touches on stage that you will need to compete. The "team" of competitors and "team" coaches are wonderful. Posing is one of the most important parts of the competition. When it comes to learning the poses you may not be the best judge of how you look best, learn from the pros, learn the correct poses for the  organization you are competing in.

POSING COACH Lisa loves being a posing coach, the finishing touches to your contest prep! she also will work with you on posing even if you have other prep coaches for nutrition and training.  Come learn how to show off your physique in the best way possible.  TEXT Lisa to book your session 413-426-5543

CONTEST PREP: MEAL PLAN - WORKOUT/CARDIO Set-up The PLANs are for all competitive levels. The "PLAN" is based on your goals and where we have to take your body. A customized nutritional plan to meet your individual requirements, overall calories, marcos, and timing of meals - etc. ​The key to SUCCESS; is how well you meal plan and follow the plan. This also requires you to communicate with me weekly via text or email.  A workout PLAN to help you on shaping the pest physical YOU. During the evaluation we look at weakness and from there build your PLAN.Cardio - the days and duration changes week to week, basically depends on how well you work the meal plan and the weight training. Everyone is different, but please do not think I will have you doing HOURS of cardio a DAY! That is for the UNTRAINED person. I want you to work the plan and try to limit you from the crazy OLD SCHOOL cardio.

Email Lisa to chat about your meal plan: lisathomasfit@gmail.com

GET RESULTS - Follow the PLAN First Initial Meal Plan $200 This is a start up plan, our first session together. It takes about an hour or more, and you must come prepared; bring a journal of your life and goals. (current meals and snacks - current workouts) This plan could last you months. You must WORK the PLAN and keep me posted on the effects! First set up Appointment $200. Monthly fees here after is $110. Posing/Picture private sessions online or in-person are $60. email lisa @ lisathomasfit@gmail.com 

ON-LINE TRAINING PROGRAM: On Line Nutrition - You must log your food (journal) everything, log your workouts, take photos: front, back and each side, and email it once a week or every other week. This is a must for results. Even small video clips would work. Your Nutritional outline is based off your goals and body type. Your results is based off of the WORK you put into the PLAN.

https://www.trainerize.me/profile/lisathomas-dufresne - online training app 

Lisa's husband Matt DuFresne

Lisa Thomas, CPT, Lisa has competed successfully in figure, fitness, physic, and obstacle course competitions, with many pro-cards; she is a successful coach designing customized programs for all levels and organizations competitors’ national fitness, obstacle course, and bodybuilding competitors. She was awarded into the Tri-Fitness Hall of Fame. She is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, NSCA along with AFAA, Black Belt Body Works Martial Arts, Pilates, Yoga, Sports Nutrition, YMCA, Body Pump, TNT Obstacle/Sports, and many other personal training certifications.