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Lisa Thomas

Lisa Thomas is a well known trainer in the area, hands down. Whether you are just beginning your road to fitness or are an athlete looking to challenge yourself, she can create a plan that is motivating, success, and fun for you. Classes: all levels welcome, beginner lift, Circuit, Advanced Lifting, BootCamp, Sports Conditioning ONE-ON-ONE, Personal Training Sessions Whether you are just beginning your road to fitness or are a professional athlete looking to challenge yourself, Lisa will create a plan that is motivating, goal reaching, and fun for you.

Get Stronger, Mover Better, Lean Out, Feel Better, Sculpt and Shape your Body with Personal One on One attention:
60 mins - $80
30-45 mins - $55    

                                NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING 
There is a plan and a diet (healthy life style) that everyone could use guidance with. Lisa is here to help guide you on that HEALTHY journey. Diet is a word to use if you want a temporary fix to your goal. Nutritional Guide package is set up to keep you in mind; your goal, your shopping list, your schedule, your life style, your needs, your likes and dislikes of food… Personal, custom made for you. You will have to do the work, homework, and you will have to follow up with journal, email, or notebook - YOU have to follow up with Lisa and check in to stay on track.
​Nutritional Guide: $110                                                                           

Coaching - Nutritional, Workouts, & Posing / Stage Presents
The posing class is open to all competitor levels. Class is designed to give your the polished, finishing touches on stage that you will need to compete. The "team" of competitors and "team" coaches are wonderful. Posing is one of the most important parts of the competition. When it comes to learning the poses you may not be the best judge of how you look best, learn from the pros, learn the correct poses for the organization you are competing in. At Elite-Fit the coaching staff will help you find the best way to pose  and adjustment you to make you look your best, so come learn how to show off your physique in the best way possible. 

MEAL PLAN - WORKOUT/CARDIO Set-up The PLANs are for all competitive levels. The "PLAN" is based on your goals and where we have to take your body. A customized nutritional plan to meet your individual requirements, overall calories, marcos, and timing of meals - etc.

​The key to SUCCESS; is how well you meal plan and follow the plan. This also requires you to communicate with me weekly via text or email.  A workout PLAN to help you on shaping the pest physical YOU. During the evaluation we look at weakness and from there build your PLAN.Cardio - the days and duration changes week to week, basically depends on how well you work the meal plan and the weight training. Everyone is different, but please do not think I will have you doing HOURS of cardio a DAY! That is for the UNTRAINED person. I want you to work the plan and try to limit you from the crazy OLD SCHOOL cardio. GET RESULTS - Follow the PLAN First Initial Meal Plan $200 This is a start up plan, our first session together. It takes about an hour or more, and you must come prepared; bring a journal of your life and goals. (current meals and snacks - current workouts) This plan could last you months.
You must WORK the PLAN and keep me posted on the effects!
First set up Appointment $200
Monthly fees here after is $60. - 110. and Posing/Picture private sessions are $60
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On Line Nutrition - You must log your food (journal) everything, log your workouts, take photos: front, back and each side, and email it once a week or every other week. This is a must for results. Even small video clips would work. Your Nutritional outline is based off your goals and body type. Your results is based off of the WORK you put into the PLAN.